Youth THANK YOU to our Church: SDC 2023

Westbrooke Youth participated in a Branson Retreat March 31-April 2, 2023. They enjoyed bowling, laser tag, bumper cars, Silver Dollar City, Christian concerts, movie night, games, TONS of delicious food (including “Throwed Rolls”) – but most importantly time in God’s Word studying the Book of Joel, time in fellowship, and worship.

Thank you to our church family for supporting Westbrooke Youth on this trip! Scroll past the photos to read Thank you notes from the Youth Group.

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Below are some special memories from our students:

“Thank you so much for helping us to go on this trip. You guys are so amazing. I had so much fun thanks to everyone. I really liked roller coasters and water rides. The concert was very enjoyable and the fellowship was very nice and it really spoke to my heart. Thank you for helping us have this experience.” ~Sophia Hollandsworth

“Hello Westbrooke! My handwriting is shaky because I am on a bus, but besides that I am still your favorite announcer… Hayden Bump! Thank you for helping us get to Silver Dollar City to make happy moments with friends and traumatic ones on roller coasters. 😉 I personally haven’t recovered from Outlaw Run last year. 😉 And most importantly for helping us experience the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ and sharing that with friends. Once again, thank you from your favorite announcer…” ~ Hayden Bump

“I loved conquering my roller coaster fears with Time Traveler and Outlaw Run! Thank you so much! It was fun to hang out with friends and I had a great time!”

“My favorite part of the trip was arriving at the amazing lodge!”

“Thank you all so much for helping enable us to enjoy this youth trip! My favorite experience was just fellowshipping with everyone and being together.” ~ Titus Chase

“My favorite part of this trip was to be able to hang out with friends and ride awesome rides. Thank you guys so much for putting this together. It’s so fun and I look forward to it every year. :)”

“”My favorite part of the weekend was worship time during the concert. Thank you Westbrooke Congregation for providing the means for the Youth Group to have these opportunities.”

“Thank you so much for your support. I had a really good time and I’m thankful we were able to go! My favorite part was being able to ride Mystic Rivers and get super wet. Overall I enjoyed everything and I’m glad this trip was able to happen.” ~ Emily Light

“I loved riding Time Traveler for the first time.”

“Thank you so much! My favorite part was riding Mystic Rivers. I loved the entire weekend. It was a lot of fun. I also loved the concert and coming to know Jesus better.”

“Thank you so much for donating so that we could go to Silver Dollar City. My favorite part as riding roller coasters at SDC. It was fun to go on the retreat and we couldn’t have gone without the help of our church. It was cool to have the opportunity to think about God more.” ~ Joey Willhite

“Westbrooke, Thank you so much to everyone who helped us youth have a wonderful weekend of fun, fellowship and the opportunity to grow closer to Jesus. I am so grateful for the love you have shown us! My favorite thing about this youth trip was the ability to relax and not be responsible for my younger siblings. I have also enjoyed growing closer to all the kids in the youth group.”

“Thank you Kristina! ❤️ My favorite part was hanging out with friends and sleeping.” ~ Kaylin

“Thank you! The whole weekend was so fun. I loved the roller coasters at SDC, the laser tag and bowling at Fun Mountain, and all the delicious food. Although we did so many fun things I think my favorite part was worship at the lake Sunday Morning and Bible Study time… and Princess Bride movie night was a blast. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity for fellowship! This wouldn’t have happened without the kindness of our church.” Love, Kayla Light

“My favorite part of the weekend was sleeping! Thank you for the donations that made the trip possible.”

“Thank you Kristina! It was a super fun weekend! My favorite part was either the rides or the fellowship.”

“My favorite thing I did this weekend was rides. Wildfire was the best. THANK YOU! Thank you so much for helping us be able to do fun things like that! I am so grateful for the fun things we do with youth. Thank you sososososososo much. Thank YOU!”

From Kristina “The Fun-stigator” and “Chaos Coordinator” Light:

Thank you Westbrooke for praying for our teens and supporting them over and over again as they grow in their walk with the Lord. We are grateful for Pastors, Elders, and a congregation who love our teens and show that love as you support them through prayer, encouragement, fellowship, and financial support. We LOVE our church body.

Special thanks to all the leaders who helped on this trip: to my Ron for driving the bus, Jake and Josh for teaching God’s Word faithfully, Titus for leading us in worship, Misti and Ron Garffie for being my top notch “partners in non-crime,” Ryan for attendance taking, Lauren for popcorn popping, and Paige, Rachel, Nick, and Logan and ALL the Adults & Leaders for pouring into our students this weekend. Thank you leaders for throwing rolls at students, riding rides, shooting pool, jamming on guitars, playing games, laughing, chatting, teaching, singing, praying, and studying God’s Word together. Thank you all!!!!!!!!

Much Love in Christ,

~ Mrs. Light

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