The Tech Team serves our congregation maintaining Westbrooke’s technology during worship services and throughout the week.

Our Tech Ministries are primarily focused on serving the body of Westbrooke (what I like to call an internal-facing ministry) to learn and grow. How effective would our staff be without the following examples:

  • computers
  • copier/printers
  • network/internet/Wi-Fi
  • sound
  • lyrics/slides
  • TVs/projectors

Our secondary focus is tied to “The Great Commission.” We take what we do here internally and use additional tech to reach outside our local church body, even to the ends of the world (what I like to call an external-facing ministry). We can keep in touch with missionaries, send and collect information from anywhere in the world, and even preach to remote corners of the globe. Examples are:

  • YouTube – people watch around the world weekly
  • Facebook
  • Zoom
  • Videos sent between Westbrooke and missionaries/groups using services like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.
  • Our website
  • Email

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