Youth SDC Trip 2024

Westbrooke Youth enjoyed a trip to Branson April 5-7, 2024.

We began the trip with a behind-the-scenes tour of Sight & Sound’s Esther, followed by the show.

Friday night, we returned to the lodge and had Chick-Fil-A supper and potato bar courtesy, build your own ice cream sundaes and study/worship. During Bible Study, we focused on Esther (all weekend long). All leaders know that seeing the show helped them capture so many details. It enhanced the student participation in the study. 

We enjoyed pancake breakfast on Saturday. Then, headed to Silver Dollar City. Youth attended a worship concert at SDC. Friday night we returned to the lodge for a Purim Feast and full Persian meal (Persian roasted chicken, potatoes, Dolmas (stuffed grape leaves), olives, grapes, nuts, pomegranates, salad, and Hamantaschen cookies). And, the students acted out an Esther skit, booing and hissing at Haman.

We had more study and worship on Saturday night and popcorn. And each evening there was downtime in the huge lodge for a pool table, games, visiting, singing, and relaxing.

Sunday morning breakfast, and more Bible study and worship, followed up by some more time at SDC.

It was an excellent time all around, but most of all we were encouraged by so many really good conversations to learn specifically more about students’ growth and witness it firsthand.

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