Youth CUMCITO Missions Project 2023

Last year, Westbrooke Youth spent a weekend cleaning Camp CUMCITO and observed many needs for the campground. The cabins hadn’t been updated in some time and needed some sprucing up. This year, our Youth Group committed to helping improve the cabins at CUMCITO with fresh curtains, new artwork, privacy curtains for changing, hooks to hang towels and bags, and a fresh coat of exterior paint.

Westbrooke Church members have generously donated toward these projects and many have helped us achieve the projects lending helping hands, organizing, sewing, contributing cookies, and offering instruction to complete the tasks.

We had our first work day on April 16 making hook racks, painting artwork, and sewing curtains for the cabins. On April 28 & 29, 32 Westbrookers pitched in to give the camp a radical makeover. Over the weekend, we participated in worship and study of Colossians chapter 3, “Work heartily as unto the Lord.”

Over the weekend, our youth and mentor-leaders did just that. They diligently worked to complete tasks with excellence, gratitude, and cheerfulness. Our team painted the exteriors of all but one and half cabins (due to time, we were unable to finish, but we did complete those that were in the most need of paint). One team installed privacy curtains in each cabin using a pipe fitter to install rails – this was a complicated engineering and physical task. Previously counselors used thumbtacks to put up sheets so campers could change, now they have a shower curtain (all complete with fun designs) on a rail. Another team oversaw installing new curtains in all cabins and hemming / sewing. Others installed fresh artwork and new hooks. The students cleaned all the cabin windows and gutters, swept out 10-20 million bugs (they lost count we were told), raked leaves, cleaned the gym, and more. The Camp CUMCITO staff was so grateful for the hard work – they did not think the camp could possibly look that good.

We are rejoicing in so many answered prayers: The weather, the stamina of our workers, adult mentorship of the teens, the faithfulness of our teens and how they are growing, fellowship, the blessing this work will be for campers and counselors, the way God used the many talents of our group helping demonstrate to our youth that they ALL have something to contribute and that this is how the church body (hands / feet / all) work together to partner with God in His work. We are so thankful to have had the opportunity to contribute to this ministry.

Thank you to Westbrooke for supporting our Youth in ministering to Camp CUMCITO.

Photos of our April 16 work day here:

Photos of our April 28 & 29 work weekend here:

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