We currently have an opening for an Associate Pastor. See the job description below and, if interested in applying, email your resume to se*************@we**************.org (Note: Click the email address with the ** in it and you’ll then be able to send an email to our Search Committee).

Westbrooke Church Associate Pastor

General Expectations:

The Associate Pastor at Westbrooke Church is expected to be a man of mature Christian character who is equipped to perform the broad range of pastoral ministries needed to serve a local church. He must be able to perform the specific ministry roles outlined below, as well as other assigned duties.

We want to continue to cultivate a high-level mentoring atmosphere that aims to empower and release men, women, youth, and children to use their God-given gifts to engage the world with the Gospel. Therefore, the Associate Pastor will be coached and encouraged to develop teams, seeking ways to expand cooperation within the body.

Implied Requirements:

  • Genuine and evident walk with Jesus Christ
  • Lifestyle which conforms to the requirements for an Elder prescribed in 1 Timothy and Titus.
  • Full agreement with Statement of Faith of Westbrooke Church
  • Degree in Theology from a recognized institution or continued progress toward that end or an understanding of Theology gained through diligent personal study and life experience.
  • Previous history of faithful ministry within local church settings

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Reports to Senior Pastor
  • Accountable to Elders
  • Pastoral oversight of youth and children’s ministries
  • Provide pastoral care and coaching for children and youth ministry leaders.
  • Development and implementation of Family Ministries which may include:
    • Develop training opportunities for families.
    • Pastoral visitation of families
    • Dedication of children
    • Counselling parents, children, and families
  • Help to develop small groups that facilitate biblical soul care and practical, intentional discipleship.
  • Ensure budgetary requests for the above are properly submitted.

Adjunct Responsibilities:

  • General pastoral visitation as needed.
  • Support and encourage other pastors, elders, staff, and members.
  • Assist Senior Pastor and elders as needed in pastoral care of congregation.
  • Assume leadership role of Senior Pastor in the absence of Senior Pastor
  • Interact with office staff and participate in daily activities of Westbrooke Church life as needed.
  • Assist with pastoral roles of baptism, weddings, and funerals with pastoral counsel and care as needed and with approval of Senior Pastor
  • Participate in prayer meetings.
  • Chair meetings as needed.

Pastoral Development:

The Associate Pastor will be specifically mentored and will work closely with the Lead Pastor and others as appropriate, with assistance from the other elders. This will include but not be limited to the following key areas:

  • Personal spiritual development – growing in his walk with Jesus and personal holiness.
  • Continued theological development through an agreed-upon course of study.
  • Marriage and family well-being
  • Continued development of ministry skills including pastoral care, counseling, developing a team culture, and a culture of evangelism

We, at Westbrooke, are most concerned with the well-being of people and our goal is to help the Associate Pastor develop his relationship with Jesus Christ first and then develop other relationships. We want the Associate Pastor to thrive and walk in all Jesus has for him!

Typical Job Demands (Physical):

  • Youth trips/events (possible)
  • Visiting members at their homes or hospital (mobility)
  • Conducting funerals or weddings
  • Other: We know that often pastors, as they develop, gain other capacities, and we want to celebrate this and encourage you. Areas that we are exploring as a church are soul care (counseling), small group development, outreach, and missions.